Tanning cosmetics

By using tanning lotions the tanning experience and results can be enhanced.

It is not easy to find the right product in the wide range of lotions.

• Will clients like the offered lotions?
• Lotions with bronzers or without bronzers will be more popular?
• Is the scent important?

Many questions to find answers for and we can help guiding you in the jungle of tanning lotions!
Why is it recommended to use tanning lotions when having a tanning session?

• Because lotions accelerate the tanning process!
• The tan will be more intensive and richer!
• The tan will be long lasting!

Depending of skin type and skin condition, the tanning results can be increased by 30-40% by using special tanning lotions.
To achieve the best results, it is recommended to apply at least 15 ml of lotions per session.
The selected ingredients of tanning lotions optimize the quality of skin: even before the session they moisturize and nurture the skin.
Only the moisturized skin can absorb UV-light which means only the smooth, healthy skin can tan well.

Tanning lotions contain anti-oxidants, vitamins and unique herbal ingredients to fight against ageing of the skin and to help maintaining healthy, young-looking skin. Some special features are also offered in tanning lotions, e.g. firming, toning and energizing ingredients.

To meet the special demand, certain lotions contain different amount of bronzers which help to deepen the beautiful, Mediterranean looking brown colour.