How to choose the suitable sunbed?

Our company can offer a well selected and the widest range of new and refurbished sunbeds in Hungary. We undertake real guarantee for all sold sunbeds.
You can have a look at the most valuable equipment of the beauty industry in the biggest show room of 1200 m2 of the region. You can reach us by public transport but in case you travel by car you can use our comfortable parking place.
Horizontal sunbed vs vertical solarium – which one to choose?

Horizontal sunbed:

If you prefer choosing a horizontal bed, it is better to have a second hand, good quality sunbed because of the much better price/quality ratio.
In our European level sunbed offer you can find the most suitable refurbished unit for your studio which is completely maintained and equipped with new lamps.
In a horizontal bed clients can enjoy a more relaxing tanning experiment!

Vertical solarium:
When you considering to buy a vertical unit, you should buy a new equipment as they are at the same price level as second hand horizontal units. You can personalize your vertical tanning unit with variable colours and decorations. You do not have to stick to standard decorations, but you can have a unit designed exactly to fit to the style of your studio.
Our vertical unit is a winning product! It is no. 1 in terms of effectiveness, tanning results and ergonomic design both among horizontal and vertical units. Try it and enjoy it! The result will not stay behind.
Small cabin dimensions, more power. You would be astonished how small place is enough for it! We will be glad to help you in creating the sunbed designed especially for you!

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