Opening salon

What to consider before opening a studio?

Every start is difficult but we can offer some help! Tips and advices.
When starting a business venture, countless of questions emerge. Especially if we would like to step into a field where we do not have experiences. Sun tanning is a popular activity, many people like it!
It is absolutely worth trying it but you should pay attention to the ‘best-practice’ advises. How to start? The question of the most importance.
Important questions: Where to open the studio? What kind of tanning beds should be used? What kind of tanning lamps should be used?

But the most important question is:

Why is it a good investment?

• Because it can be started with relatively low financial background
• It is easy to learn the operations’ procedures
• Ensures a problem-free operation
The 3 most important steps before opening a studio

Step 1) You should check
• physical dimensions of the premises
• electrical power availability
• air driving out possibility
to find out what kind of sunbed can be operated in the place.

Step 2) You should do a
• market research of potential clientele
• market research of competing sun tanning studios in the neighbourhood

It is not recommended to choose a sunbed with lower power output and less number of lamps than that of the competitors’ salon!

Only a brand new sunbed has excellent esthetical and technical condition. When you go for a second hand unit, you should be very careful to find a trustable distributor who offers real guarantee.
Our company can offer the best selected and the widest range of new and refurbished sunbeds in Hungary. We undertake real guarantee for all sold sunbeds.

You can have a look at the most valuable equipment of the beauty industry in the biggest show room of 1200 m2 of the region. You can reach us by public transport but in case you travel by car you can use our comfortable parking place.

Step 3) To select the most suitable sun tanning unit and lamps.

Horizontal sunbed vs vertical solarium – which one to choose?

Horizontal sunbed:

If you prefer choosing a horizontal bed, it is better to have a second hand, good quality sunbed because of the much better price/quality ratio.
In our European level sunbed offer you can find the most suitable refurbished unit for your studio which is completely maintained and equipped with new lamps.
Vertical solarium: In case you prefer a vertical solarium, it is recommended to choose a new unit which is available at the price level of a second hand horizontal unit.
We can offer you uniqe extras e.g. aqua, aroma, vibro plate to our our made Solar Cabin iTan units.

Sunbeds and lamps: which type to choose for different purposes?

New or good quality second hand sunbeds with 20-30 lamps:

• For home use, or smaller wellness centres, hotels or beauty salons as additional service

Medium size sunbeds of 30-42 lamps:

• Sun tanning studios, hotels, wellness and spa centres

High capacity vertical or horizontal solariums of 40-60 lamps:

• Professional sun tanning studios

Sun tanners of nowadays require and prefer tanning studios with a wide range of tanning units in terms of services, effectiveness and number of sunbeds to select from. Client of our age does not like waiting, for that reason it is practical to place as many units into the studio as possible, both horizontal and vertical units in order to meet the widest demands.

Which type of tanning lamps should be used?

After selecting the appropriate sunbed, the right kind of tanning lamps should be found. The wider is the range of your lamp selection, the most clients can be attracted.

Our lamp selection includes types of different effectiveness and offers possibilities for the different skin types.

Our absolutely premium category lamps are on the market for many years and proved their quality for thousands of clients.

Our private label brands: Coffee Love, Coffee Love Collatan, Sexy Cacao, Superbronz, Twist.

In our unique range we offer lamps which offer other beneficial effects beyond tanning!