About us

Hollandimpex Ltd. is an outstanding sun tanning products supplier in Hungary. 

We are no. 1 when it is about tanning! We have been selling and servicing sun tanning beds and lamps for 30 years.

It does not matter what kind of sun tanning product you are looking for, you can find everything in our product range from a simple spare part to a state-of-the-art sun tanning equipment. Our speciality is our own developed and produced Solar Cabin vertical unit line. We also offer excellent quality second hand machines professionally renovated and equipped with new lamps.

Our private label sun tanning lamp brands (Coffee Love, Sexy Cacao, Superbronz) have been working excellently on the market for long years. Due to our long lasting, successful cooperation with lamp manufacturer LightTech Ltd., we can guarantee the best price/quality ratio lamps to ensure the best tanning results for the satisfaction of your clients.

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Why to choose Hollandimpex Ltd

  • We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience, expertise and stable technical background
  • We are professional, organised and quick
  • We do not know impossible - You only have to dream it and we make it come true!
  • We will not press you - Together we can find the best and most optimal solution for You!
  • Stable, correct service & maintenance team
  • Very wide offer of quality sun tanning lotions
  • We provide posters for your studio free of charge



The new szoliakademia.hu

We created a network called SzoliAkademia Partner to which our most devoted customers can join. At present we have more than 320 studios in the program.
This is a loose partnership with studios who share the same values and principles about providing safe tanning. In the studios of our SzoliAkademia Diamond Partners clients can enjoy tanning sessions in regularly checked and maintained solariums equipped with quality lamps.



We created the web page www.szoliakademia.hu where we give advices how to have sensible and safe tanning sessions; sun tanners can use a tanning course calculator and we introduce some popular tanning lotions.



We started the distribution of germicidal (UVC) lamps because keeping clean the air and water of our environment is a very important issue for us.


The new office

We moved to our new premises of 3 x 600 m2 giving place to a beautiful show room, a 10-unit solarium salon, 3 squash courts and a warehouse.


Lighttech Kft.

We started cooperation with lamp manufacturer Lighttech; at the same time our first private label lamps are produced.



The company was founded by Filep Zoltán.